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“I don’t need any advice. I have everything under control.” Does this sound familiar to you? It certainly does for me. 

It was not so long ago that you were a good manager if you solved problems effectively and profits were realized according to plan. This understanding of leadership naturally included comprehensive control of people, processes and results. The business rules were clear and leadership had little to do with one’s own development as a person – at least that’s what we wanted to believe. Today we know more.
Today, we know that leading is a constant interaction between the leader and the led, in which the energy is generated to implement successfully together. This is a very personal matter – for everyone involved. The buzzword leadership sums up the resulting changes in the demands placed on managers. One should still be able to manage, bring in profits as well, and in addition inspire people and design meaningful work environments.

Speaking of changes in the world of work, the pandemic is acting as an accelerator. Futurologist Jacob Morgan has summarized the impact factors on companies well: It is no longer a question of having everything under control, but rather of successfully shaping the interplay between organization, team and individual despite an uncertain decision-making situation.
Owners, board members, managing directors as well as executives – regardless of industry and size of organization – have a high responsibility. I accompany you on this path and ensure that you successfully shape this change as a person and as a leader.

My services accelerate your success

Surviving Crises

Rarely, but still, one gets into – professional or private – crises. Then your stress patterns and your resilience are critical to success. Crisis management needs both legal advice and support to develop an effective counter-strategy. I know what it takes to come out of crises and existential threats stronger. Want to know more about the AASI method? Then click here: 

Inrease efficiency

The higher up the career ladder, the higher the demands and the challenges: tight budgets, resistance from the workforce or simply unacceptable conditions. This stresses and limits the ability to act. What helps is to focus concentratedly- are you interested? Find out more about this 3-day executive coaching:

Implement plans

You have a strategy and an implementation plan and it doesn’t work? It could be you, the framework, the methods … or a combination of many things. I support you to quickly improve your effectiveness, interested? Here more about the 1-Day-Consulting: 

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.“

Peter Drucker
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