Disaster Recovery Plan

Rarely, but still, does one get into trouble or worse, a disaster happens. In such situations, both hectic activity and hesitant waiting are not advisable. I know how to emerge strengthened from crises and existential threats. My recipe in these cases: get a grip, find meaning and make a plan.

To do this, you need not only legal advice, but also support in developing an effective counter-strategy. Under no circumstances should you believe that you have to go through this alone. Asking for help is a sign of greatness, not weakness.

Our cooperation

Successful crisis management requires determination and focus. Within six hours we develop a 4-step plan according to the AASI method.

  • Analysis of all crisis triggers including background, people involved and the effects. This delineates the issue and facilitates orientation.
  • Assessment of all risks incl. those for your personal well-being. The aim is to name all stress factors, identify interactions and describe which measures are required to strengthen your resilience. The result is a strategic prioritization.
  • Selection of coping measures, plans to organize and finance support and organizing all necessary assistance – from media counseling to psychological support. As a result, your resources are strengthened.
  • Implementationplanning including alternative scenarios. Everything is clearly laid out in a chronological sequence.

My safeguard

Immediately after the workshop, you will receive a summary containing the strategy, time table and contacts as well as any other helpful documentation. Ad-hoc telephone consulting during the process of at least 60 minutes is included. This way I guarantee that you will come through this time strengthened.

Disaster Recovery Plan

  • 6-hours-Workshop
  • at least 60 Minuten-Ad-hoc-Consultation
  • Appointments can be made by phone, by sending a message to or by using the contact form:

„There are more people who surrender than those who fail.“

Henry Ford
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