Quick overhaul – 1-Day-Workshop


Quick overhaul – 1-Day-Workshop

Changing habits and behavior is not an easy task and costs energy. So does resistance of your staff  to organizational change or difficult introductions of new business models among other stones in the way.

In these cases feedback is valuable as well as suggestions for correction. You want to improve your effectiveness, I support you in doing so.

Our cooporation

  • We narrow down the subject in one hour.
  • You go on digital detox for 6 hours immediately afterwards.
  • Start of the program tailored to you at the location of your choice. I will gladly organize a suitable room if you wish.

This program, tailored to you, is exclusively about your effectiveness. The starting point is either your experience after executive coaching or concrete leadership challenges. We analyze the problem, reflect on your previous ways of solving it and work out resources or alternative solutions.

The goal is that afterwards you better understand your part in the problem and develop strategies how to change it positively. Attention, due to the focus on problems, this day is very exhausting. You should not attend any appointments afterwards and do something good for yourself.

My safeguard

I make sure that analysis and reflection do not remain on the surface. Immediately after this day, you will receive a summary of those behavioral patterns that negatively influence your effectiveness – and methods on how to deal with them.

Quick overhaul

  • 1 hour preperation
  • 5 hours Workshop in a setting of your choice
  • Appointments can be made by phone, by sending a message to or by using the contact form:

„I would like to change in a learning way. I would like to die a little less stupid than I was born.“

André Heller

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