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Enthusiasm works


“The path of the spirit is the detour,” says Hegel. My path was not always the direct one, but I took (almost) every detour with enthusiasm. That’s the wishy-washy version of my career. The Stanley Cubrik version is: I have a special skill for turning sh… into compost. 

I threw myself into working life with enthusiasm – and without a high school diploma – to realize that it was only a good idea in the short term. At the age of thirty, my career stalled, so I took my university entrance qualification in minimum time and studied International Business Administration at the University of Vienna. Such decisions often result in private upheavals. It was no different for me. 

I was excited about the fact that I had many more opportunities open to me as a result of my degree. But I was at times very far from a pleasant walk along the career path. Over the past decades, I’ve held various roles in the international petroleum industry, public administration, and social services. During this time, markets have grown and shrunk, have been restructured and reformed. During this time, I have seen that speed of adaptation is critical to success, and that persistence is a distinct human trait. To put it mildly.

In 35 professional years, I have experienced the satisfaction of success and learned how to deal with the resentment that comes with it. I know the feeling when everything goes as planned and a life-threatening illness – unplanned – massively shifts perspectives. Through all these experiences, I have come to understand that the success of an organization depends essentially on the quality of human relationships and on the enthusiasm of its leaders.

One of my new tasks is to help you not to lose the energy, to inspire others and to create successful working relationships.

I am certainly enthusiastic about that!

My approach


My consulting aims at accelerating success and securing sustainable results. Not the time is essential for the success of coaching but the goal orientation, the intensity of the work and your willingness to change. The service packages are designed accordingly. In the first session it will be agreed which of the packages suits you. If you have a need beyond that, we will of course develop the right solution for you.


    To me, sustainability means that due to our work, you have developed enough strategies and methods to deal well with unfavorable behavior patterns and bad habits. It also means that during consultation I am available to you whenever needed – with targeted interventions.


    Good consulting requires equal footing, this is reflected in the quality of our discussions. For me, this also includes addressing the fact that I am not the right consultant for you. In this case I will gladly connect you with my network.

    Leaders convey security and strengthen the self-confidence of their people. They know success is a team achievement.

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