Gabriele Graumann

Attention, you are on the wrong website if

… you never ask yourself whether you always have the right answers to complex challenges.

… you have no management responsibility and are completely safe in your position.

… you never have to worry about the pressure to succeed affecting your health and/or relationships.

You are in the right place,

… if you want to greatly increase your effectiveness.

… your time is too precious for complicated phase plans and lengthy feedback loops in the subjunctive.

… you need to solve a problem quickly, with a high probability of success and above all sustainably.

You can build on my experience

Crisis management

Are you currently in a health crisis? Is a restructuring threatening your position? Are you being combatted with unfair means? In six hours I will develop an effective counter-strategy with you – which also focuses on your personal well-being.

Personal Coaching

Do you have the feeling that you are not making enough of a difference? Restructuring, new people, new products – but still no success? Sometimes the responsibility for hundreds or even thousands of jobs weighs on your shoulders and mind? I accompany you for three intensive days, after which your effectiveness is sustainably increased.

Targeted problem solving

You have an implementation plan for the new business model, but the results are poor? You observe that you are falling back into behavioural patterns that impair your effectiveness? On a day with “digital detox” we focus on working out the solution to a complex problem.

Test the waters session

Why you should have this conversation
You currently see more difficulties than good solutions. Your life experience tells you that every challenge also offers opportunities, but you can’t easily come up with them on your own. Or as I always say, “Difficulties are opportunities to turn shit into compost.” In this conversation, we’ll work out how that might work.

Here’s what happens in this hour:
We sort out the issues, analyze the problems, and see what we can do to make you feel better quickly.

You can be sure, after that the priorities are sorted and the possible solutions are clear. We clarify whether compost can be made from your shit and I make you an offer.


  • 60 minute conversation either directly or via Zoom – you decide.
  • You will receive the invoice by email. You confirm your commitment by transferring 450,00 Euro to account no. IBAN AT832011128031891609.
  • Your appointment is confirmed with receipt of payment.
  • Make an appointment by phone, by sending a message to or by booking online:


Get to know me and my methods better. You can send me a message quickly and easily using this form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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